Menber of Chiba Gyoseishoshi Lawyer's Association
Yuasa Immigration Lawyer office

We are the professionals with applications to the Immigration office.

Having any problems with the visa application?

You do not need to go to the Immigration Bureau in principle from now on, if you ask us.

We take care of following procedures by filing applications to the regional
Immigration Bureau on behalf of our clients

(1)Application for Certificate of Eligibility which is required for aliens in a foreign country wishing
  to be admitted to Japan, except for visiting Japan as a Temporary visitor.

(2)Application for Extension of Period of Stay.

(3)Application for Change of Status

(4)Application for Permanent Residence

(5)Assistance in Application for Special Permission to Stay in Japan.

We provide following legal services for aliens and companies.

(1)Application for naturalization to acquire Japanese nationality

(2)Consultation concerning international marriage, divorce, probate etc.

(3)Proceedings and preparing legal documents for investment to Japan and establishing company

(4)Support to apply for notarization of documents for foreign countries and authentication of
  official seal or Apostille by Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(5)Support to visa application for other countries